jeudi 11 décembre 2014

Citations de Beautiful Redemption

En ce jour, dix nouvelles citations concernant le tome quatre :

"Flying or falling, it's up to us." 

"Nightmares end. That's how you know they're nightmares." 

"He saved the world, but he shattered mine." 

"I guess that’s the thing about a hero’s journey. You might not start out a hero, and you might not even come back that way. But you change, which is the same as everything changing. The journey changes you, whether or not you know it, and whether or not you want it to." 

"I watched the way they looked at each other. Any idiot could see they were in love, even if they were the only two idiots who couldn't."

"The things that are the most valuable are often the ones you don't even know exist. -- Xavier, The Gatekeeper" 

"And you couldn’t control who you loved, even if you wanted to. That had been Genevieve’s problem with Ethan Carter Wate. It had been Uncle Macon’s problem with Lila, Link’s with Ridley. Probably even Ridley’s with Link.
Love was how all these knots started to unravel in the first place." 

"There is a point. I don't know what it is, but everything I've had, and everything I've lost, and everything I felt-it meant something. 
Maybe there isn't a meaning to life. Maybe there's only a meaning to living.
That's what I've learned. That's what I'm going to be doing from now on.
And loving, as sappy as it sounds" 

"the missing piece
my breath
my heart 
my memory 
the other half
the missing half" 

"I need to talk to Lena" There it was. I'd finally said it. The one thing that had kept me from being able to exhale all day. The thing that had made me feel like I couldn't sit down, like I couldn't stay. Like I had to get up and go somewhere, even if I had nowhere to go." 

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