lundi 13 avril 2015

Citations de Dangerous Creatures

Le second tome sort ce mois-ci aux Etats-Unis, êtes-vous impatients ? 

"There was a special place in Hell for guys like Lennox. It was called life." 

"Just for a minute,” she said. He’s not half bad, she thought, as far as princes go. “Just to watch the sunset,” he agreed. He’s not half bad, she thought, as far as enemies go. “Just to see the stars,” she conceded. This isn’t half bad, she thought, as far as wars go. “Just one day,” he said. “You promised.” And just to take another look at one small photograph hanging on the wall, she thought. Lennox Gates, what is your Siren story?" 

"Liv sighed. “There’s plenty of oxygen going to all the logs. I used a classic tepee structure. Unless the laws of physics have changed, I don’t know why—”
“Do we have to do this the Mortal way?” Ethan looked at Lena.
She nodded. “More fun.”
John struck another match. “For who?”
Ridley held up her hand. “Hold on. That sounds like camping. Is this camping? Am I camping?" 

"I hate and I love. You ask why I do this? I do not know, but I feel and I am tormented. —CATULLUS" 

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